Ranked Choice Voting


Speakers from Brooklyn Voters Alliance talking about Ranked Choice Voting. Brooklyn Voters Alliance


Resources for Ranked Choice Voting Document


Healthcare for All and the New York Health Act


"How are we going to pay for it?"
A New York Health Act forum on Costs, Benefits, Savings . . . and Your Pocketbook. 
Hosted by NYSD 17 for Progress & PAYS

Presentation by: 
Leonard Rodberg, PhD 
Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies Queens College/CUNY and Co-Director Community Studies of New York, Inc.



Savings and Spending Under the New York Health Act FAQ  (March 2019)

From Obamacare to The New York Health Act (March 2019) 


Affordable Housing


Andrea Shapiro, Program Manager and Member Organizer of the Metropolitan Council on Housing talks about:
- Our rent stabilization laws (they are expiring this year!)
- How the current system incentivizes landlords to kick tenants out and make unnecessary improvements instead of needed repairs, and
- How the Met Council on Housing and others are organizing to improve the life of tenants throughout *all* of New York.

Find out more:

From our 2/24/2019 meeting.