Advocacy Issues: 



Town hall in Boropark - March 2018

Forum on Costs and Benefits of NYHA - March 2019


February 2019 Advocacy Topic

Voting Reform/Ranked Choice Voting

April 2019 Advocacy Topic 

School safety and Pedestrian safety

Petition against guns in schools 2018 - Letter - Press Release

Work bringing attention to the ending of speed cameras 2018

Justice for Survivors of Abuse 

Immigrant rights 


NYSD 17 for Progress in the press:

Community to Felder: LEt's talk about Healthcare - Liena Zagare, Bklyner

Senate District 17 Is Awakening, Mr. Felder – OPINION - Naomi Rabeeya, Bklyner

“Felder: Fake Democrat” Progressives Shout To Be Heard By Conservative Lawmakers - Carly Miller, Bklyner

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